Lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID-19 quick-tests are a sad reality across the USA right now.


we’re collecting funds to purchase masks, gloves, gowns, face-shields and other PPE donations and get them DIRECTLY to first responders and medical staff.

We aim to fill in supply gaps and work with first responders and medical staff to determine which first responders are NOT getting gear through normal channels. We want to get the gear to the right people and get it there FAST!


1) Donate to the funding round

2) Volunteer – Join the Crowdsourced COVID Response project Facebook Group.

3) Email us.

Thanks to all the medical professionals and first responders helping to get us all through the COVID-19 crisis!

#MacGyverPPE #GetMePPE


We are intentionally nimble. More agile than others. More creative. We get things done fast.

Our Advisory Team is working in ICUs right now, and is telling us not just what is missing today, but what will be missing in a few days when we expect to have PPE to deliver.

NO OTHER GROUP is designed from the start to be as responsive to the ever-shifting needs of our crisis responders than this project.


  • DONATIONS (of cash or of PPE and quick-tests)
  • DISTRIBUTION: fast, efficient ways to get gear in to the right hands.
  • VOLUNTEERS to help us bring in donations, distribution help, and more volunteers to help with that.

We will establish distribution priorities as supplies actually arrive. Main variables:  requesting party’s stated need, ability to fill that need in other ways, and how critical the need (more exposed you are and more you can help us all get thru this, higher you will be on the list).  So ER, ICU, and first responders will tend to get priority.

This is all seat of the pants do-gooder work, lead by someone with minor first-responder training (wilderness first responder) and major ability to achieve goals in fast and creative ways. And someone who has a truck, and lives near the port. And has a remarkable, constantly growing team of volunteers working mostly from their shelter-in-place situations.


  • PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Ventilators, ventilator parts, and DIY ventilator hacks.
  • COVID quick-tests, & PCR test components (swabs, viral transport media, extraction kits, reagents, collection tubes)
  • Other needs identified by our advisory team.


Q: How do we know this is legit?
A: I’m Michael McColl from Berkeley, California. My network is large. If you are not already a friend, look at our shared networks and check in there. Or Google me.

I’ve been doing world-changing not-for-profit work in the travel field for decades. Now I’m turning those skills towards helping with this crisis. My team will be people vetted for trustworthiness. We’ll still move fast and break things. We won’t be perfect. But we will be helping the people who are helping all of us survive this thing.

Q: Is there really a problem that requires these measures now?
A: This is all about infection control. It’s the basic foundational knowledge of nursing, preventing cross contamination. The first thing you learn as a nurse is “first do no harm” how can one protect their other patients and their families from this?
– Inadequate protective gear could turn workers into disease vectors. It happened in Italy:
– Because of a widespread lack of testing, frontline workers said they are treating patients without knowing if they’re infected — and that the coronavirus could spread not just to doctors and nurses, but security and cleaning staff as well:

Q: How does the money stuff work?
A: 100 percent of money and supplies donated goes to support frontline medical, first responder, and other under-resourced groups where COVID transmission is likely without PPE & testing. We are 100 percent volunteer-run. Where necessary, we will of course pay for things like web hosting, shipping, delivery, storage etc. Even there, we will try to work on a donations basis, but will pay when necessary to move fast.

Q: Is my donation tax-deductible / are you a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit group?
A: Nope. We’re moving way too fast to worry about bureaucracy. That said, if you are a nonprofit who can help us make donations of supplies or funds tax-deductible, please contact us ASAP.


  • Focused on impact & speed.
  • Need-based: our efforts must meet actual, validated needs.
  • Effective altruism (be rigidly efficient, investing resources and effort to maximize the amount of good we can achieve).
  • Frugal: Use every donated dollar as wisely as if it was our own hard-earned cash.
  • Transparent (show funding & result publicly; AND protect anonymity where needed).

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